Jose E. Valerio, M.D.

Neurosurgeon & Brain Tumor Specialist located in South Miami, FL & Hialeah, FL, & Weston, FL


About Dr. Valerio

About Dr. Valerio

At his practice in South Miami, Hialeah, and Weston, Florida, neurosurgeon Jose Valerio, MD, is leading the pack in neurosurgical proficiency and positive outcomes by combining mindful time and attention with the latest research, technology, and skill.


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We try to make every part of our process as simple as pain-free as possible. It’s our philosophy that patients truly come first.

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We accept: Private patients, Insurance Patients, Motor/Vehicle Accidents, Worker’s Compensation

Determining Your Best Treatment for Glioblastoma

It can be devastating to learn that you have an aggressive, fast-growing brain tumor, but there’s room for hope. Find out how the right treatment approach can slow the progression of glioblastoma, ease debilitating symptoms, and prolong your life.

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Words from our patients

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    "He performed surgery on me and if I need that service again, I would surely choose him, a very good Dr and an excellent person."

    Roberto C.
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    "Thank you Dr Valerio for changing my life style !!!. awesome job ..very professional and honorable"

    Fausto G.
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    "I am free of the terrible pain. I highly recommend this excellent surgeon."

    Lourdes P.
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    "Dr. Valerio is a compassionate surgeon and extremely dedicated to his patients, even beyond office and surgical hours."

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    "I highly recommend Dr. Valerio for your surgery or your family's surgery."

    Walter R.
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    "My mom was Very sick. It was a blessing finding Dr. Valerio. She had surgery just a few days ago and doing great every new day a bit better.."

    Lidia B.
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    "I was almost crippled and every surgeon I saw told nothing could be done. Dr. Valerio saved my life. He is my Hero."

    Laurie V.
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    "Dr Valerio is a great human and the best doctor I’ve met. He saved my life and to be honest I was walking same day of my surgery I highly recommend dr Valerio.."

    Self-verified patient
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