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Additional Testimonials


John Sala Jr.
Back Surgery Patient

I had Dr. Jose Valerio for my whole back Surgery. He's done 5 times back surgery and completed where I can start walking again. For back surgery, he's number 1 to do the job . Give him a call to make an appointment.<br>

Starr Crowley

Dr. Valerio is excellent as well as being compassionate and making sure his patients are being taken care of. I respect him and always trusted him (never afraid) with his medical recommendations. Thank God my niece referred me to him. I was very blessed and thankful I finally met an amazing Doctor. May God Bless Dr. Valerio always for being so kind and taking excellent care of me and his patients.<br>

Pamela H.
Cervical Fusion Patient

I feel 100% better than I’ve felt in a long time. The whole process has been life- saving. This doctor has worked a miracle. I was finally pointed in the right direction and got fantastic results. I would refer him to anybody that has any spine issues... I’m just grateful and relieved.

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